A Little Bit More About Me…

As daughter to 2 tailors, I started learning sewing when I was really young. My Dad used to have a old Singer sewing machine with table at home and I love how the machine can be nicely folded into the table, it’s just a piece of furniture sitting elegantly in our living room. Indeed, I can’t even remember when I first learnt how to use a sewing machine, but I did sew a lot when I was in primary school, making my own dress and backpack, with everyone amazed by what I made (well, a 10 years old that can sew can be a big thing…lol)

Ours was not as vintage as this but still got a lot of nice design details that you couldn’t find the the modern machines. Image source: SUSIEDDESIGNS’ SPACE TO SEW & CRAFT

Life become much busier when you get older, while I still work on little felt cloth projects I didn’t really touch the sewing machine, until Nana was born.

Felt Cloth Wedding Cake I made for one of my close friend’s wedding many years back (sorry for the poor photo quality, I think it was taken with an iPhone 3Gs…yeah if you know what is 3GS lol)

She literally turned my world upside down. I started searching (aka pinning like crazy on Pinterest lol) on parenting tips and was really inspired by all the talented parents who make/hack toys and everything for their lil one and that’s how my needlework journey restart, from a family album to quiet book, from felt cloths to quilting, from hand sewing to my own first ever sewing machine, and yes, I am back in love with needlework.

As a full time working mom it’s never easy (at least to me) to make time for these projects, but I soon realized it’s not that now Nana has something that’s made by Mama to play with, but spending time with my sewing machine helps me to relax after a long day/week/month of hectic work schedule. And I just LOVE looking at Nana playing with everything I made for her, it’s just priceless.

Happy Sewing. Happy Parenting. XOXO.